miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

An afternoon in a Bike Workshop.

When my friends Alex und Rainer proposed me to dj in their free of charge bike workshop, Bike Kitchen, I simply said inmediatly yes.
The workshop happens every Sunday in Eiffelwall 7.

They told me at the end that it was a fantastic experience. They could work better and in a very relaxed mood.
Some people brought food, others drinks, and the atmosphere was just nice. Sharing is caring.
The visitors were fantastic. I just couldn't have a better audience to share some sounds, food, chatting and time.

I started with some chill and lounge and as the sun started to set down, I rose the level a bit.

Here one part of the session I did. Enjoy and give me your feed backs.

Esta es parte de la sesión que hice en el taller gratuito de bicicletas de Alex y Rainer, Bike Kitchen, los domingos en el Autonomes Zentrum de Colonia.

Este caso es claramente la situación en la que un dj ambienta un lugar pequeño, solo para algunas personas de forma altruista y compartiendo comida y bebida durante la tarde.

Mezclas con chill, lounge y acid me vinieron poco a poco a la mente en este lugar tan extraño. ¿Quien ayuda hoy en día de forma gratuíta? EL sol de la tarde ayudó mucho a mantener un ambiente relajado.

 Si quieres puedes reparar tu bicicleta cada Domingo en la calle Eiffelwall 7, Colonia.

domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Musicians in NachtKonsum March 8th

This Saturday the place was full waiting for the first band. Were they good? It is all a matter of taste? Pierre Pihl & Juri Rother were breathing soul and they showed it.

The second show was Mara Simpson. Irish pop? mixed with great multicultural sense in the song texts.

Steven Hein und Band was the last show. Some people did not understand the quality of the songs, the composition, but considered that the rhythm was too slow.  For me it was just the right moment to enjoy a great voice and a very nice company. Good luck to them.