lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Art Theater experience

Great people running Art Theater. The crew was very nice and helpful

It was a month ago and I still remember the night with very good details.

Namito was the main dj that night. His music was freshy. Always developing the mix in a crescendo. People had a lot of fun. Expected. He is well known internationally, and for good reasons. Brave productions out of the box. Security in his hands. The main floor was for the first time of the night owned by the dj.

In Art Theater there are 3 rooms/floors. I played at the entrance floor some "welcome" sound from what many now call Balearic House. Some Disco House was well received. But what people found most facinating was my friend Lisbö . He came with his bass and played 4 hours in a row. Sometimes he followed me ... other times I followed him. We had played already a few times together but that night was special. He gave everything he had ... his finger tips too. After the session he was almost bleeding. I love playing with him and I am going to continue doing that.

I was very happy to see how people coming out of the main floor stayed with me for a long while until they enter the main floor again.

Dj Stuart went up for a couple of hours to maintain the rythm with his Deep House. Very precise, not obscure, rather lively Deep. Interesting his ways of communicating boldly his next move. Lisbö played with him too. They had a lot of fun together.

The main crazyness came from Tezz (Cologne) and PSZKO (Spain). Both into Tech House, at the main floor, and both as if knew what was going to happen. 

First after Namito was Tezz who dropped a powerful session with full of colorful beats. If people were already warmed, Tezz made them go one more speed. He is well known in Cologne and a few of his fans were helping the dancefloor move. No need really. He has a great charisma at the controls. Always laughing, having fun, inventing progressively as he read the desires of the dancers. He is a great dj for sure. I am hooked up.

Then PSZKO went up. No one knew him. How is his music? How is he going to mix? The answers came soon. His Tech House session was really awesome. No, was splendid. He made the dancers scream every minute. Jump at every mix ... and he is always mixing, using four decks, incredible use of the mixing table. For me his technich is comparable to the best out there. His session was a party within a party. He had the honour to close the disco. It was already 8 in the morning. Nobody wanted to go. Me neither ... but the job was done and the night had been long.

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