miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Design Market in Düsseldorf

I love playing at events in addition to clubs and bars, and the markets in Germany are cool. I 'm having a great time.

It is also an interesting challenge.
In Düsseldorf (Photos) there were a hundred stands where you could find natural products such as Bio olive oil of Jaén, Spain that I bought  (ironically since I come from Baeza , Jaén ), handmade clothing, gloves and hats, furniture of very own style, cool impressions made in all kinds of accessories and clothes, mirror frames stunningly handsome ... well, lots of color, flavors, smells and sounds mixed with a lot of visitors with great interest to see and buy different things.

The organizers intend to create an experience. The stands are well decorated and the organizers seek valuable products managed by friendly and knowledgeable owners.

A good advertising campaign on social networking and boom, the market is packed with visitors for several hours.
I think about 3,000 people came throughout the day. Enough to hire some young boys and girls who control the market so that everything goes well .

An important part is the background music . That is the challenge, what to play from 11 am to 6 pm that the market closes. Those are the challenges I like. How to have a hundred vendors and a small crowd of changing visitors happy for 6 hours.

The selection must be well chosen and to know, or pretend to know at what time they would like to hear some funky, or ambient. I decided to make small blocks of half an hour, in which I even played some good Deep House from Omar o Menos, the Ambient from Strobotone , and  Funny Funky Trackybirthday. All without playing too loud music, stressing with rhythms with too long sets or without abusing of those chocolate cookies sold next to me . Umm soooooo rich .

Another interesting market is Nachtkonsum in which also spin. To the next one will come my friend and great musician, Jorge with whom I have played already in Art Theater and Barceló Hotel.
I've been called to work in another very interesting market next week, Handmade. There we go.

Transfinity, Ambient recuperando trabajo de Dj Josele

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